On the Day..

Nutbush Logo


1.  Please arrive at the venue (to be advised)  between 3.00pm and 4.30pm.

        Bring your NUTBUSH T-Shirt, a Bottle of Water, a Hat & some Sunscreen and a sense of adventure.

2.   Show your NUTBUSH T-Shirt at one of the Welcome Tables.

3.   Have your name crossed off and receive your coloured, souvenir wrist band.

4.   If you haven’t paid…….you can do it then.

5.   At 4.30pm we will be asked to may our way onto the Oval and sit down, in front of the stage, to hear how it’s all going to work.

6.   At 5.00pm we will start the Attempt process.

7.   Marshals will show you where to stand….in the row of the same colour as your wristbands.

8.   Lynne will lead a short warm-up session before we start dancing.

9.   Off we go….let’s Dance!     5 Minutes and 15 Seconds.

10.   Stewards will do the counting, cameras will do the filming……..try not to stop!

10.  We will have a rest and then try again.

11.   After the Dancing we will leave the arena and we are done.

12.   Thank you for supporting our Attempt.

          The evidence will be sent to Guinness World Records in London