The Dance

Dance Instructions


According to Wikipedia:

The steps to the dance are as follows:                            

 (as approved by Guinness World Records 28/9/15)

  • Hands are generally placed akimbo and feet shoulder-width apart in a neutral position.

  • The following moves take place on the beat of the drum during the song.

  • The right foot is moved a step to the right, and then returned to the initial stance with a step.

  • This is repeated once, and then the same event takes place with the left foot, stepping left, and repeating once. (8 beats)

  • The dancers then step back half a pace and return to the original stance twice on the right foot and twice with the left. (8 beats)

  • The right knee is brought across the body to approx. the height of the left hip twice, continuing with the left knee to right hip twice. (8 beats)

  • This is followed by a single kick of the right leg across the body and following with the left. (4 beats)

  • And finally, the last 4 beats of the song are known as “turn-and-clap” whereupon the dancers turn counter-clockwise ¼, pause, then clap.

  ** Cross over your legs then uncrossing out to the side then placing the legs together and

                 finally “do the clap”